Seminar: Leading Teams

Achieving Goals together through team spirit.

Achieving optimum results, coordinating different values and work attitudes, balancing competition and harmony among the staff in the right way, recognising and influencing the atmosphere within the team positively …

The list could be continued without much effort. The crux of the matter is as follows: are you able to understand the social aspects of your team in a differentiated way and influence them accordingly to your function as an executive? Are you able to form a team from a group of colleagues and then lead this team? It is very efficient to become aware of the relationship between leader, team and context and to find out how you can influence each of these variables individually.
During the training you will get to know these relationships by means of exercises and simulations. You will learn which effect you have on others in different contexts in your role as an executive, and you will experience the dynamics that teams can develop.


  • Fundamentals of team leadership, leadership tasks and leadership roles
  • Things to know about teams: hierarchies, cooperation and confrontation within teams
  • Team development as a task for executives: getting to know and directing different team phases
  • Analysis of roles within a team applying the Belbin model: implementing an effective balance in your own team
  • Optimising meetings: using meetings optimally as a part of team management
  • Understanding and solving conflicts within the team: symptoms and opportunities for action
  • Coping with special forms of team leadership: temporary project teams and leading virtual teams

Target Group

Executives who want to organise processes actively within their teams


Short presentations, active-learning exercises, group work, discussion, analysis of roles within the team

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Ute Bremer
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