Individual Presentation Coaching

Being well prepared for challenging presentations.

For many executives and experts, presenting to a large audience is one of the most challenging tasks they have to meet.
And when required to present in English, the demand can be even greater. Conceived to enhance presentation skills, this one on one coaching aims to develop key language skills and self-confidence in public speaking.

Emphasizing vocal technique, posture and mannerisms, the coaching environment also offers an opportunity to focus on specific topics and written texts for upcoming presentations.

Presentation Technique

  • Overcoming challenging pronunciation and clarity in speaking
  • Adjusting physical posture
  • Correcting distracting physical mannerisms in personal presentation
  • Optimising social and professional vocabulary to avoid habitual phrasing
  • Structuring thought and emphasis for persuasive public speaking

Text Development

  • Assistance in structuring and writing of prepared texts
  • Review of visual aides (e.g. slide, short films) for language clarity and continuity

Confidence Building

  • Identifying and developing the „Authentic Persona“
  • Developing eloquence in public speaking
  • Feeling comfortable when presenting

People who want to prepare for a challenging presentation

The first step is an initial phone call with the coach to clarify the individual aims and contents of your coaching. Furthermore, we recommend that you provide a draft of your presentation to the coach prior to the coaching.

Presentation simulations, individual feedback, targeted exercises

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