Live-Online-Training: Mindful Leadership

How to lead yourself and your (international) team healthily

Speed, complexity, task density, diverse expectations, digitalization, internationality, unpredictability, etc. constantly change our leadership tasks. Mindful leadership is an approach in which you consciously cultivate your ability to be present, open-minded, and compassionate when interacting with (international) team members – and you show the same consideration to yourself.

Your Benefit

Mindful leaders do not need to motivate through fear or manipulation because their people are self-motivated. By cultivating self-mastery, you are able to navigate stressful situations with calm and clarity. With that you form healthy, high-performing and cohesive teams. 

  • Developing leadership presence, even in international remote teams
  • Enhancing focus and concentration on the essential leadership tasks
  • Developing emotional intelligence and intuition as sources for creativity and authenticity
  • Creating opportunities that enable clear thinking to make well thought-off decisions
  • Developing prudence
  • Enhancing stress management strategies
  • Self-reflection and regulation as a self-management tool
  • Improving sensitivity to cultural patterns, recognition of systemic connections and resulting cultural t ransformations

All leaders and managers who want to lead a healthy (international) team and want to quit the daily rat race of “higher, faster, further”.

Our Live-Online-Trainings are designed for, and rely on, active participation to ensure a quality learning experience. Group discussions and debate, problem-solving in small groups or pairs, role-playing and assessments are just a few examples of the methods used in this course.

  • Live-Online-Training: 2 days
  • Time: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.   
  • Training language: english

You also have access to accompanying documents such as photo log, hand-out, feedback sheet etc. via our ime learning environment. 

To participate in the training on your PC or notebook, you need a stable internet connection, an up-to-date browser, a camera and a microphone; a headset is ideal.

We do not recommend participation with a smartphone or tablet.

To ensure that you can concentrate fully on the training from the start, we strongly recommend that you take part in the technical check. Should any difficulties arise, e.g. with sound and/or image, they can be checked and fixed before the training.

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