Presentation Skills

Methods and exercises for convincing presentations.

This seminar aims to improve your abilities and techniques for public speaking and giving presentations in the English language. By developing key communication skills, self confidence and supporting audience focused visuals, participants will learn to present themselves and their message more successfully.

Presentation Preparation

  • Defining the presentation goal
  • Modifying your presentation for an international audience
  • Creating a clear message (structuring the content, improving clarity)
  • Using rhetorical strategies effectively
  • Selecting and developing appropriate supporting visuals

Speaker Presentation

  • Developing voice quality and improving pronunciation skills
  • Speaking more confidently and expressively
  • Increasing awareness of body language effects
  • Creating a stronger physical presence and adjusting distracting mannerisms
  • Thinking on your feet: developing presentation spontaneity
  • Enhancing your message to build audience confidence and rapport

Influencing Your Audience

  • Creating an immediate impression
  • Using language to influence your audience
  • Conveying your message in the first 60 seconds
  • Effective use of body language, gestures and eye contact
  • Interactive techniques to engage and maintain audience attention
  • Managing questions and answers sessions

This two day seminar is ideally suited for individuals with some experience in presenting or speaking publicly who want to improve their delivery skills for an international audience. Intermediate to advanced English skills are recommended.

Targeted exercises, trainer input, individual and group feedback, presentation simulations

Special Note
Participants are encouraged to bring any prepared English language presentations (and accompanying visual/computerised tools) to work on during the seminar.

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